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We offer four main Plan Products

  1. Strategic Plan - An overarching plan that brings clarity to the organisation to describe the shared vision, what you want to achieve and why.
  1. Management Plan - A detailed plan that builds capability to understand and address your priority issues. It sets specific targets and maps the best approach to achieve them.
  1. Action Plan - A specific plan that identifies the capacity to deliver key activities linked to your targets.
  1. Monitoring & Evaluation Plan - An insightful plan that seeks to validate your proposed actions by measuring and evaluating their impact, effectiveness, efficiency and appropriateness.


A Clarity Map is a developed as part of a facilitated workshop that maps out your goals, strategies and actions. The approach brings together all of the moving parts to your situation and presents it in a logical and clear way. It is designed to support and test your decisions and level of confidence in the desired outcomes.

NRM Diagram - Methodology Steps v3

If you are not sure what your planning needs are, a free scoping discussion will help identify what is the best approach for your unique situation.

One of the packages might suit your requirements, or services can be fully customised. Please contact us for more information or a quote.

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