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Plan for NRM

At PLAN FOR NRM we get pretty excited about natural resource management. We are all about finding ways to help those on the ground to improve current management for a more profitable and sustainable future.     

PLAN FOR NRM specialises in strategic planning to help landholders, rural businesses and organisations to define what sustainability looks like for them and how to achieve it faster. We work individually with clients to identify their challenges and frustrations and tailor a planning or project management approach specific to their goals. 

Business Owner Liz Otto started consulting in 2012 to pursue her passion for natural resource management and sustainable agriculture. Liz found there was a gap in professional services available in regional areas to support effective planning and execution of priority projects in the paddock or across landscapes. Liz set out to fill this gap with an understanding of the issues and frustrations people experienced across different aspects of the agriculture industry.

Liz founded PLAN FOR NRM in 2017 to offer a suite of planning services and resources that aims to build the confidence and capacity of rural businesses to attain their sustainability goals. Liz is committed to helping other project officers and professionals to confidently work with their groups to prepare plans that are effective.

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PLAN FOR NRM specialises in strategic planning to help family farm businesses plan their sustainability journey with clarity and confidence for vibrant people, production and landscapes.

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Liz Otto | Consultant

Business Owner and Consultant Liz Otto, is an experienced natural resource management professional, with a career spanning over 18 years. After working for community and industry organisations for many years, Liz started consulting in 2012 to have a greater impact supporting a range of regional organisations and businesses addressing significant local problems.

Liz has a particular set of skills, experience and insight that allows her to see both the big picture and the specific details within. She has a high intuition for strategy, analysis and contingency planning. 

Liz has worked with Landcare, industry groups, regional natural resource management organisations, governments and businesses to plan and deliver a wide range of programs.

Interested in a career in natural resource management since year 10, Liz studied a Bachelor in Applied Science (Natural Systems and Wildlife Management) at UQ Gatton, graduating in 2000. To build her delivery skills further, Liz professionally trained in project management, facilitation, program logic, monitoring and evaluation, and assessment and workplace training.

"I grew up in rural Queensland and hold a deep affection for the people, industries and environment of rural Australia. I pursued a career in natural resource management based on a strong desire to solve problems and protect the values of landscapes, which I believe are critical to future land sustainability."

Our Aspirations

The aspirations for Plan for NRM is to have a significant impact on the support available to businesses to plan and achieve steps towards greater sustainability. This is delivered through useful and meaningful resources and services packaged in a way that improves the planning process, confidence in decisions and successful implementation of actions.

Our Values

  • Offer solutions to clients that are value for money
  • Provide products that are useful, user friendly and solves problems
  • Conduct business in a sustainable way
  • Value continual learning and development
  • A culture of acceptance, tolerance, respect and resilience
  • Contribute to communities and common good to the greatest extent
  • Support other professionals - together we do better

Our Impact


Grant Success

We have raised over $5 million since 2012 for businesses and organisations to implement their priority projects with an 80% grant success rate.


We have supported over 200 landholders in five years. Working with individual farms as well as large group projects.


We have supported over 50 businesses and organisations across a wide range of services.

Future Farm Blueprint

Liz Otto has written a practical guide to help farmers find clarity about what they want their farming business to look like in the future, and how they will act on this.

The book helps to overcome the complexities of management systems and current issues. The blueprint empowers confidence in your future farming system and broader business decision-making towards what you are aiming to achieve.

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Speaker Profile | Liz Otto

With over 17 years' experience in natural resource management and working with organisations in regional areas, Liz Todd can provide professional insight into industry challenges, successes and experiences.

Liz has a speaker profile, outline of topics and professional profile photos available on request.

Liz most recently presented at the 2018 Queensland Ag Shows Next Generation Conference in January. Liz spoke about Creative Strategic Planning, Clarity around Constitutions and Successful Grant Writing to help Show Societies overcome current challenges. Follow on Facebook or check out the Win News coverage.

Liz Otto presenting at the Queensland Ag Shows Next Generation Conference January 2018
Liz Otto presenting at the Queensland Ag Shows Next Generation Conference January 2018

In 2016, Liz was a guest webinar presenter for the E-Leaders Grow, Innovate and Sustain Program hosted by the National Rural Women's Coalition. Liz presented a three-part topic on Sustainability Management, covering planning and monitoring for change, soil health, water resources, production, vegetation and biodiversity, landscape management, as well as where to go for useful resources, templates and tools.

Liz has also delivered workshops on Technology in the Office and Time Management on the farm for GLENRAC at Glen Innes in October 2017. The training events were supported by the NSW DPI Rural Resilience Program, and included a luncheon in celebration of the International Day of Rural Women 2017.

Workshop Evaluation:

How have you valued this learning opportunity?   12/12 "Invaluable"

How likely are you to do something different as a result?   10/12 "Very Likely"

International Day of Rural Women 2017 luncheon at the GLENRAC Workshop Glen Innes
International Day of Rural Women 2017 luncheon at the GLENRAC Workshop Glen Innes

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